Shots from the Summer Road

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It’s been quite the summer around here shooting all kinds of new things both still and now in motion. Assignments here have taken me all over the Midwest and to the South thanks to ESPN RISE, shot another campaign for Alcon, cranked out lots of new stock imagery and we’re putting the finishing touches on the first commercial produced here. Whew!

It’s 5pm on Friday and my mind is on the weekend (especially watching the Cards whoop up on the Cubbies) so for the hell of it I thought I’d share some random images from the road… now, time for a beer.


Soccer Player Retouching Elements

Recent Work — John @ 2:49 pm

I’m always pleased to see the excitement in all of you when given insight into the elements that make up the retouching work here so here’s another for you. This piece is the first in an ongoing series I’m shooting focusing on the rapid rise in 3D technology in the home. I owe a huge thanks to my friends, Jeff & Emily (and Estella, of course) for lending me their home to shoot this and my next piece. This also would not have been possible without the unbelievable talents of Kyle “Epic” Mendoza who is a gifted Parkour athlete in St. Louis and was kind enough to dress like an Argentinian soccer player and jump off the wall in my studio. He’s guaranteed himself a spot in many more upcoming productions here.

I’m hoping to be able to knock out a few more for this series over the next few months and have some rather ambitious ideas to shoot so stay tuned for more…




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