Vintage Canon Manual

Studio News — John @ 1:12 pm

My wife found this beauty while cleaning out the basement. I guess it was really cold back in 1972.

ESPN RISE Soccer Portrait Retouch Process

Recent Work — John @ 1:03 pm

From time to time people contact me curious about my photo retouching process when putting images together in post. I thought the recent portrait series I did for ESPN RISE with Andrew Oliver would be a good one to feature. The mag and I came up with the concept and then it was up to me to figure out how to get the look I wanted and the player lit so as to be believable. We shot a number of different setups but eventually decided on this shot as the keeper.

Here’s the original straight from camera…

Lighting was two parabolics as kickers behind him at about 30 degrees and a softbox to the front for fill. I generally like to use large softboxes or strips as kickers but the wind was blowing in off the gulf that day so we used the parabolics to save our lights from blowing over. ( It was to no avail because Andrew kicked a shot directly at the kicker to camera right hitting it and knocking it over… no major damage but a damn funny way to end the shoot!) Frame was exposed at 1/1250 sec @ f6.3. Andrew did about 20 kicks until we got it right.

Lightroom enhancements to get the”look”…


Light sweeps from my stock file done with a flashlight and blacked out studio…


Through some trial and error it’s like putting a puzzle together to get everything to work in one composition…
Andrew Oliver soccer

Boom… and there you have it.

OK, TGIF so time for me to get out of here and hit the links this weekend. I’m trying out my new golf clubs so now I have nothing to blame for bad play except my crappy skills. C’mon low 90s!!!!

“My Bud Light Masterpiece” Spot

Recent Work — John @ 2:43 pm

Had a cool project last month. I was brought on as DP to shoot a stop-motion web spot promoting the new write-on labels for Bud Light bottles via the Bud Light Facebook page. You can also check it out in the new Motion section on my web site. A huge shout-out goes to illustrator, John Hendrix, along with Antidote, Cannonball Advertising and Bud Light for all their hard work. I appreciate the opportunity! John also has a great post on his blog sharing some insight into his creative process while working on such a unique canvas.

Thank goodness for EZ-up tents… rainy days just don’t mix well with over 10,000 watts of lighting, camera gear, computers, grip, clients, models, assistants and a “rooftop party” concept. We pulled it off, though, thanks to an amazing crew.

Bud Light Facebook

And to satisfy your thirst for some behind-the-scenes action…











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