New Motion Work for Moneta Group

Motion,Recent Work — John @ 10:10 am

I noticed the intro piece I shot for financial services firm Moneta Group is now up online. The approach was to provide an overview of the firm and how they work with their clients giving the viewer a glimpse into their offices and adding a personal touch through featuring their CEO. The financial services industry is traditionally conservative in their branding so we wanted to set this apart by infusing it with a contemporary look through the camera moves, focus pulls and edit. This launched in conjunction with their new online campaign bringing a fresh new look to their brand.

We shot this over a half day in their offices using a two camera setup and independent audio capture which I then edited and passed off to their agency, Paradigm, for the finishing graphics.

Pop Sci, State Farm & Independent Banker Tears

Recent Work — John @ 1:14 pm

It’s been quite busy here this year so I want to share some of my recent editorial tears with Popular Science Magazine, State Farm’s “Good Neighbor” and Independent Banker Magazine. I’ve been having a blast on the editorial end lately as it’s always something new and different. The run-and-gun approach to much of the editorial work is always interesting because each shoot is set with loose parameters leaving a lot of room for exploration and improvisation in set. Hope you like…

(Yes, the Pop Sci shot is a composite… do you really think I wanted that plane flying so close to us? Hell no.)


Popular Science Magazine

State Farm Insurance

Independent Banker


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